Selling In A HOT Market

By: Kim Lee

Selling In A HOT Market

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Today’s Vancouver real estate market favors sellers as homes are selling in a blink of an eye. Here is everything you need to know about selling your home in a hot market. 


Selling a house can be a stressful process. You wait for showings, offers and appraisers for the clear to close. When you’re not waiting, you have the pressure to pack, clean and make financial decisions. In order for a buyer to imagine themselves in the house, it needs to be a clean slate. Always clean, declutter and remove any personal items or touches. Coordinate with friends or family to babysit your pets while your home shows. Flexibility can really help you when selling your home, especially when it comes to showings. If possible, try not to turn down any tour requests.


When everything happens so fast and homes sell for over asking, sellers begin to worry if the home appraisal comes in low or not be able to find a home when they sell. Sellers can take advantage of the current trends by partnering with a real estate agent. They will identify necessary repairs and easy upgrades to boost your home value, help set a fair and competitive price, negotiate the terms, provide solutions, and increase your odds of a quick sale. 


It’s a good idea to take advantage of pent-up demand because it’s the demand that drives competition. Buyers are more willing to accommodate sellers’ needs when inventory is low. A seller in a hot market has a better chance of selling a home “as-is.” Not only will your days on market be fewer, you may also receive multiple offers and this could drive up the sales price. Always go into the sale with realistic expectations and it’ll be rewarding when the deal closes. 


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