Kim Lee

Airbnb Friendly and Short Term Rental Buildings in Vancouver

May 31, 2023

Please be aware that the following list serves as a helpful guide to identifying buildings that presently permit Airbnb and other short-term rentals. In the City of Vancouver, short-term rental is less than 30 days. It’s important to exercise caution as strata bylaws can be subject to voting and swift changes in the future, even if a building currently permits short-term rentals. This list may become outdated without my knowledge. Therefore, it is crucial to double-check the latest bylaws before considering an offer on a building intended for Airbnb purposes.

Specific bylaws from the City of Vancouver must be adhered to, and it is beneficial to familiarize yourself with these regulations if you are looking to purchase a property to use as a short-term rental. I have summarized these bylaws towards the end of this post. According to the City of Vancouver, “A short-term rental can:

  • Be an entire home, or a room within that home, that is rented for less than 30 consecutive days at a time
  • Only be operated from your principal residence – the home where you live, as an owner or tenant, and use for bills, identification, taxes, and insurance
  • Be a laneway or secondary suite ONLY if the operator lives there and it is their principal residence (not permitted if the operator lives in the primary dwelling unit on the property)
  • Be licensed ONLY to the person who resides in the property
  • Be managed and marketed by a property management company with a valid property management business licence.”
Vancouver AirBnb

Please note that this list may not reflect buildings that are currently undergoing changes or have recently modified their short-term rental bylaws. Some buildings may be more welcoming to short-term rentals than others. Once again, to ensure that a building still permits short-term rentals, please verify the building’s bylaws and review the strata council minutes before making a purchase. Alternatively, feel free to contact me for further information.

Please keep in mind that even if you purchase a property in any of these buildings, failure to comply with the City of Vancouver’s bylaws regarding primary residency may lead to legal and/or tax complications.

  • 989 Nelson Street (Electra)
  • 928 Richards Street (The savoy)
  • 1010 Howe Street (Fortune House)
  • 1166 Melville Street (Orca Place)
  • 1238 Burrard Street  (Altadena) 
  • 531 Beatty Street (Metroliving)
  • 1160 Burrard Street (Burrard Health)
  • 1200 Alberni Street (The Palisades)
  • 1288 Alberni Street (The Palisades W)
  • 933 Seymour Street  (The Spot)
  • 939 Seymour Street (The Spot)
  • 1323 Homer Street (Pacific point)
  • 1331 Homer Street (The Point 2)
  • 1249 granville Street (The Lex)
  • 27 Alexander Street (Alexis)
  • 689 Abbott Street (Espana 1)
  • 1990 W 6th Ave (Maple Place)
  • 718 Main St (Ginger)
  • 33 W Pender (33 Living)
  • 55 e Cordova (Koret Loft)
  • 933 e Hastings (Strathcona Village)
  • 955 e Hastings (Strathcona Village)
  • 983 e Hastings (Strathcona Village)
  • 188 Keefer Street (Espana)
  • 58 Keefer Street (Firenze 1)
  • 150 E Cordova Street (InGastown)
  • 111 E 1st Ave (Block 100)
  • 161 E 1st Avenue (Block 100)
  • 180 E 2nd Avenue (Second + Main)
  • 350 E 2nd Avenue (Mainspace)
  • 250 E 6th Avenue (District)
  • 289 E 6th Avenue (Shine)
  • 311 E 6th Avenue (The Wohlsein)
  • 555 Abbott Street (Paris Place)
  • 183 Keefer Place (Paris Place)
  • 618 Abbott Street
  • 688 Abbott Street 
  • 58 Keefer Place (Firenze)
  • 633 Abbott Street (Espana) 
  • 188 Keefer Place (Espana)
  • 890 Broughton Street (Broughton Tower)
  • 1003 Burnaby Street (The Milano)
  • 1050 Burrard Street (The Wall Centre)
  • 1238 Burrard Street (Altadena)
  • 370 Carrall Street (21 Doors)
  • 1010 Chilco Street (The Chilco Park)
  • 1788 Columbia Street (Epic at West)
  • 2040 Cornwall Avenue (Bryanston Court)
  • 219 E Georgia Street (The Flats)
  • 28 Powell Street (Powell Lane)
  • 919 Station Street (The Left Bank)
  • 231 E Pender Street (Framework)
  • 2458 York Avenue (York Avenue)