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Condo Buying: Pros & Cons— A Homebuyer’s Essential Guide

Condo Buying: Pros & Cons

When considering the various aspects of condo-buying pros and cons, it’s essential to dive into factors that can impact your decision-making process profoundly.

The goods and services tax (GST) written in a note.

What is GST? The Tax on New Homes in BC

Between appraisals, numerous fees, and the closing paperwork, trying to track how much a real estate transaction costs can be daunting. However, the more you know, the better prepared you’ll be.

Why Does Canada Have a Foreign Buyers Ban

Why Does Canada Have a Foreign Buyers Ban?

From now until January 2025, a foreign buyers ban is in effect, preventing non-Canadians from purchasing residential real estate in Canada. This prohibition also applies to corporations that are not incorporated in Canada.

Home Buyer Rescission Period - Kim Lee

What is the Home Buyer Rescission Period?

Home Buyer Rescission Period Calculator Offer/Counter offer Price Rescission fee Calculate Reset The rescission period is 3 business days and it does not include Saturdays,


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