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Main Street

Main Street is a relatively new building structure erected at 4000 Main St, Vancouver. This is a condo and townhouse development by the reputable Blue Tree Homes.

Completed in 2014, Main Street constitutes 39 units of 1 – 2.5 bedrooms. This condominium housing structure provides a chic urban living.

It also places residents in the middle of the finest boutique grocery market, eateries, and many more. 

From dusk to dawn, residents enjoy the neighbourhood’s splendid vibrance. You can also soak it all in with beautiful views of the North Shore Mountains.

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What Are The Need-To-Knows About The Developer?

Blue Trees Homes was established in 2006. It started as a wife and husband business but years later, it has grown to become a major design and build consultancy.

This organization prides itself on having an exceptional passion for stylish properties. The developer has managed to develop a team of property professionals from architects to estate agents, investors, and financiers. This network also extends to include a plethora of landlords.

What features should visitors expect in this residence?

  • Peace of mind

Somewhere between making ends meet is a need for great mental health. Main Street has, therefore, put in place some systems to help ensure peace of mind and encourage a healthy lifestyle.

This includes Blue Tree Home’s customer care program, which is tailored to every resident’s needs. It is a signature agenda unique to this housing complex.

  • Chic fixtures

It’s beautiful to have a housing structure with an excellent, breathtaking outlook. But what is even better is a commensurate interior.

Let’s start with the bathroom as the showers come with pressure balance valves. This way, there is better control over the shower. 

The bathroom also comes with hand-set porcelain tile flooring. Main Street provides well-designed stone countertops and backsplash as well.

The bedrooms come with Nylon carpeting, which gives the apartment a shiny outlook. This laminate flooring goes all the way into the living room and kitchen.

  • Floor plan

Main Street apartments come with bright and open floor plans. They come with private decks, balconies, and terraces. 

These combine to ensure the best living experience, and the homes come with 9’0” to 16’0”.

  • Dog wash area

Yes, this housing residence is dog-friendly, so you can bring any dog into Main Street.

The Dog Wash Area is created to effectively take care of residents’ pets–not just dogs.

  • Parking stall

An important element about comfortable living is having your space. Main Street understands this and provides a parking stall for every one-bedroom home. Two-bedroom homes come with two parking stalls. 

  • Storage

Every home on Main Street has a storage locker, where one can keep items. Also, bike storage is available.

  • Eateries and restaurants

On Main Street, there are different cuisines available to residents. You can get cocktails at Nomad.

If you are a fan of late-night buttered popcorn, stop at El Camino’s. Or, hang out with guys for a round of beers at the Beer & Food truck chow.

Visitors and residents can get Italian edibles at Campagnolo. There’s also fish and chips at the Fish Counter.

You can get your early morning coffee along with the Sunday New York Times at Gene Cafe. 

Other food outlets include 33 Acres, Chickpea Restaurant, Lucky’s Doughnut, and Kafka’s.

If you are seeking different meals from what you are used to, East is the place to be. Nicely peppered soups, entries like tabouli, vegetable Koffa.

And if you are a fan of Thai cuisines, you should make a stop at Sawasdee Thai. This restaurant serves Thai foods with amazing sauce and spicy green curry. 

  • Barber & Co

Walk into this barbershop for a clean haircut. They open every day and allow appointments. This spot is the epitome of a faultless, braving salon.

From the leather couch to the vintage barber chairs, plus a local artwork to give you the complete experience.

Some of the conversations in this shop will make your day.

Are there buildings and condos on Main Street?

This is a fine blend of residential spots and commercial areas. There are a lot of condos present to give your Main Street experience a homely feel. 

One of such is Ginger, which is located at 718 Main Street. This condo comes with 9 levels, 78 suites, and was built in 2009/2010.

This structure comes with air conditioning, parking space, and storage lockers.

Where is Main Street located?

This is an 8.8km street bisecting Vancouver, British Columbia. It spans from Waterfront Road to the north part of the Fraser River. 

Main Street goes through Chinatown and then passes through the Pacific Central railway station. The area comes in contact with the Mount Pleasant neighbourhood at Terminal Avenue.

This neighbourhood rubs off on Main Street in terms of commerce and accessibilities. As at 33rd Avenue, there are more residential areas.

In essence, Main Street offers a commercial mix.

What is the history behind Main Street?

Main Street used to be divided into two segments by False Creek, with the Bascule Bridge in between the two. The two segments were later joined together.

Back in the day, the point where Main Street intersects with Hastings Street was the heart of downtown Vancouver.

The central public library was located here but is now called Carnegie Centre. The popular Main Street used to be called Westminster Avenue.

It was the local stakeholders that pushed for a chance to revamp the commercialization of this area in the 1910s.

Points to Note

Main Street goes through the following neighbourhoods in Vancouver:

  • Downtown Eastside
  • Old Japantown
  • Chinatown
  • Strathcona
  • Mount Pleasant
  • Riley Park-Little Mountain
  • Punjabi Market
  • Sunset

The aforementioned neighbourhoods are from North to South.