Kim Lee

Robson Street

robson street

This is one of the foremost shopping boulevards in Vancouver. It is plagued with restaurants and easily a shopper’s paradise.

The foods and drinks available here cut across cultures and continents.

There are fleets of boutiques, stores, and named brands on this street. Here, there is something for everyone.

Thrift shops and luxury stores are available and in between this shopping, you will see stores and cafes where shoppers can chill or lay down their load for a bit.

Talking about attractions, there are over 150 stores and businesses for your shopping pleasure. 

What are the features that stand out?

  • Beauty

You shouldn’t go into Robson Street and come out looking the same. There are several beauty spots to look out for; e.g., the Beauty Worx spa with well-trained beauty therapists. They also have exceptional skincare products.

Visitors can also get their nails done along with facials and massages. They run for about 7 am – 8 pm every day, except for Monday.

If it’s all about the hair for you, then the Bellami Outlet is the place to be.

Beauty extensions, wigs, premium synthetic lashes, hair accessories, and many more are available.

The name gives it all away as ‘Bellami’ means ‘Beautiful Me.’ This store is here to help individuals find their inner beauty and express it effortlessly.

‘Bellami’ prides itself on superior quality, secure shopping, and excellent shipping.

You can also make a reservation at ToeToSoul where you get the best reflexology and massage in the city. Do not just give your face a makeover; also rejuvenate your inner self.

Other beauty attractions include Shifeon, Sephora, LUSH, JK Hair Salon, and L’Occitane.

  • Food

We have several food stores here where you can stop for a meal or just grab a quick bite. One of them is the Breka Bakery & Café. It is home to some of the most mind-blowing pastries you’ve ever had.

From cheesecakes to doughnuts, plus ice cream. Every bite brings your taste buds to heaven. The variety of bread is another one to look out for.

The Abode Restaurant is where you can get real meals along with cocktails. You can take away your orders and enjoy them some other time in the course of the shopping experience.

The restaurant also has a space called the Summit Level 31, where you can hold your events to a beautiful view.

  • Fashion

There are several outlets in Robson Street that deals in everything fashionable. You will find stores that are strictly for a particular fashion item like Aldo Shoes.

This store sells only shoes and a couple of accessories. There is exquisite footwear for men and women. Bags and accessories are available whether it’s festive, fancy, or fun; Aldo Shoes has got you covered.

Take a stop at Blue Ruby for the best of jewelry. This scope offers amazing jewelry from brands like Melanie Auld, Wolf Circus, and Turkish Delight.

One other fashion store that is a must check is the Ovo. This is owned by the popular America-based Canadian rapper, Drake. You can check at the new arrivals, OVO essentials, OVO women, etc.

  • Lifestyle

On Robson Street, there are stores like Canadian Crafts, which is a gift shop. It is one long-standing business that is now operating in the third generation.

Canadian crafts offer locales and foreigners amazing gift products at low prices. If you want to check out the best of home decoration designs, then check the CB2 out.

From pillows, rugs, and kitchen fixtures to minors and many more. Visitors can also stop by Saje Natural Wellness. Here, you get a wide range of natural products like essential oils.

Exquisite perfume, diffusers, and blends are also included. Other lifestyle outlets to check out in Robson Street are Miniso, Fantacity, Eddie Bauer, CNKW, General Nutrition Centre, and BC Cherry Market.

  • Services

At Robson Street, locales and tourists get access to services like consultation and care. There is Bailey Nelson, which provides eye care services and glasses.

You can also drop your measurements at the Savile Row Tailors for the best fitting wears.

If you need some legal advice, you can stop at the Ganapathi Law Group.

They specialize in family, business, will, and real estate. They have a wide range of experienced lawyers, and visitors also get a chance to book a free consultation.

Other service outfits in Robson Street are HNW Services, Fido, Boralex, and many more.

What Does The Future Hold?

As you can see, this popular street in Vancouver is home to some of the most prestigious businesses and stores. Robson Street constitutes a community of facilities, businesses, and amenities.

Well, it gets even better as more of these amazing and luxury franchises are already planning on establishing branches here. Some of these organizations are Herschel, Juewei, and many more.

As time passes, Robson Street will get packed with even more relevant business.

How Amazing Are The Facilities on Robson Street?

Robson Street constitutes amazing facilities that are commensurate with the quality of excellent life in the street. Here are some of the community facilities and amenities.

  • Blue Horizon Hotel

This is a boutique-style hotel that exudes the culture of the West End neighbourhood. It is a locally operated hotel with a 4-Green Key Eco-Rating.

And what this rating means is great regard for the climate and ecosystem. Here, the rooms come with private balconies. There is free WiFi and Nespresso Coffee Machine.

This hotel also has a Summit Event Space to host some of the most amazing meetings. This space is on level 31, so visitors get panoramic ocean and mountain views.

This hotel also comes with a pool and fitness area, along with an amazing restaurant.

  • Parking Lot

The lots of amazing facilities and businesses on Robson Street attract a lot of visitors and tourists. For this reason, there are several parking lots on Robson Street.

They include;

  1. Blue Horizon Parking Lot
  2. Diamond Parking Lot
  3. Impark Parking Lot
  4. Robson Place Mall Parking Lot
  5. Pacific Palisades Parking Lot

Points to Note

  • Robson Street is only an 8-min walk from Vancouver City Centre and a 5-min walk from Burrard.
  • This street can be very busy during weekends.